Second Chance Hope works with various organizations to assist refugees and new immigrants to navigate the U.S. system, aiding in their integration process through tutoring in basic English, providing translations, and improving their computer skills, as well as many other useful services.



We assist with English translations, aiding students in completing their homework by helping them to better understand their assignments. The most common languages spoken by those we aid are French, Swahili, and Arabic. 


In addition to language learning, the program also focuses on art education, athletics, and building camaraderie that will aid them in future networking.


Securing Work

We assist immigrants and refugees in their search for employment, often aiding them in constructing a strong resume, guiding them through the application process, and providing training in mock interviews. 


Further, we make every effort to inform and educate immigrants on business development and entrepreneurship.


Mo' Talk

Mo' Talk, our mentorship program, aims to inspire, motivate, and instill within young refugees and immigrants the confidence to navigate and network effectively in both work and social settings.