As long as you are alive, there will always be hope

Second Chance Hope is a nonprofit organization focused on building connections that foster education, inspire, support, and empower new immigrants and refugees.  Our philosophy is to provide as much individual focus as possible, transforming one person at a time.


In 2008, the founder of Second Chance Hope, Ramses Bolanga, escaped the war ravaged Republic Democratic of Congo.  He arrived in the U.S. as a 16-year old with the equivalent of a 5th grade education.  Overcoming virtually all odds, Ramses not only graduated high school on time, he went on to college, where he studied business and international relations.

In-Kind Donations

As a new and emerging organization, we are actively looking for in-kind donations. Currently, we are looking for recreational items for our after school program such as board/card games, art materials, books, and sports equipment (soccer balls, nerf balls , tennis shoes. etc..) We are also interested in electronics and computers.


Second Chance Hope works with various organizations to assist refugees and new immigrants to navigate the U.S. system, aiding in their integration process through tutoring in basic English, providing translations, and improving their computer skills, as well as many other useful services.


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According to the Global Citizens Organization, new immigrants in the United States face four major challenges:

Difficulty Speaking English.webp

Difficulty learning and speaking English

Children Learning.webp

Difficulty Aiding Children

Overcoming Differences.webp

Overcoming Cultural Barriers

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Securing Steady Employment


Volunteer Now

Donate your time with our fantastic mission and programming, we are always welcoming volunteer applications. Some areas of need include youth tutoring, translations, or event staffing. If you believe you have the skills to offer SCH we encourage you to fill out the Volunteer Application Form.